Business partners and friends since 2006, Sam and Choon are family people, sharing a high level of morals and ethics that flow through their business. The pair are dedicated to providing the very best for their families and are motivated by the opportunity to help their clients do the same.

Passionate about utilising their knowledge and experience to assist clients in achieving financial and lifestyle goals, they are committed to building a values-driven company with their clients at the centre.

Through Resolution Wealth Partners, Sam and Choon aspire to see each and every one of their clients feel good about their finance and enjoy both financial success and freedom Dot image

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“Happiness is not the amount of money you have but the people in your life that help you create wonderful memories.”

Sam Pizzata

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“I don’t want to be rich because I was tight. I believe in being generous, not just with money, but by giving our time and sharing our knowledge with others. This leads to wealth and personal success.”

Choon Kwa

The Resolution Wealth 
Partners story

Through our many years of delivering financial advice, a commonality amongst our clients has been that just about every single one has arrived with a level of financial complexity or something in their future that is a cause for concern or uncertainty in the present.

All of these people want to feel good about their finance.

Such a feeling evokes a picture of the future that contains peace of mind, excitement, success and freedom. It conjures up a place where there is a better life, greater opportunities and bigger dreams, not just for the individual, but for their family as well.

To put it simply, when we engage with a client we do it for the long-term, and we call on our industry-leading experience and expertise to contribute to the success and quality of their lives, both today, and in the future •



“Helping people to move from complexity to feeling good about their finances and their future is what we’re most passionate about, and we’re committed to delivering the service, advice and support that leads the way.”


Choon Kwa (B.Comm, Dip FP)



Sam Pizzata (B.Comm, Grad Dip FP)