For the select group of people that we engage with, our philosophy is centred on accountability, transparency, and sustainability. As our name alludes, we’re dedicated to providing a resolution, and we see our key performance metric as being our success in helping you reach your desired financial outcomes Dot image


What we’re focused on:

  • Establishing a partnership and pathway to successfully guide you forward
  • Helping you feel comfortable about your financial future
  • Creating confidence in your ability to reach your financial goals
  • Taking care of what’s most important to you


“Regarding investing, I take a long term approach similar to Warren Buffett: Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago. The reward for saving a few dollars every day, may not be seen for decades.”

Our Process

We see our work as a collaborative process, so when you work with us, we work together, and we pride ourselves on being accessible and reliable, so that when you need us, you know we’ll be available. 


1 • The Discovery

We start with a conversation. We sit down with you face-to-face to hear your story and ask you the vital questions that will help us discover what is important to you, ensuring that the strategy we create is one that resonates with you and your values.


2 • The PLAN

Based on what we’ve uncovered in the initial discovery stage, we can then convert our findings into a pathway forward that will take you from where you are now to where you want to be, focusing on a future that is shaped by your goals.


3 • The Partnership

We’re intent on building long-term relationships where we play a role similar to that of a coach – leading the process, facilitating the projects, and creating big-picture success, making ourselves available to answer your questions and adjust your plan as life goes on.